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Reservo- mobile application for restaurant reservation


With the growing usage of mobile application as a middle man platform, Reservo has come to us to help with their design and create a mobile app called Reservo.

Reservo is a mobile app for restaurant reservation. The goal of the founder for the app is to engage more restaurant owners to improve their customers management.

Functionality: When a user opens the app, it will navigate to a signup page for the user to sign up(with some basic personal information). After creating an account, the app will navigate to the home page. Restaurants are categorised by location and theme(eg, Chinese, Italian, Hot pot... etc). After deciding which one to reserve, the user will type in necessary information(ie time, number of guests, phone number and special requests). If the information is confirmed, a reservation is made.

An hour before the reserved time, a notification will be sent to the user's message box to remind one.

Firebase as a backend

For the application back-end, we chose firebase realtime database as our back-end service. The reason behind our option is that firebase realtime database has its roots in real time delivery of data structured using NOSQL conventions. As the underlying data can in sync with the real time changes(user makes an impulse decision or sudden change of restaurant for reservation at the last minute).

Apart from the mobile app, we also create a POS system to integrate their backend database with our backend database in firebase. Whenever a reservation is made, the data will be transmitted to their own backend database. Restaurant can alter the reservation time and decide how many seats can be allocated for the reservation.

Additional plugins:

Geolocation of the mobile device;

360 degree view of the restaurant;

Google map restaurant locations

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